Saudi Arabia admits Aladdin may have been deliberately trapped in cave


The Saudi Crown Prince has admitted that popular Arabic folk character and ne’er-do-well, Aladdin, may have been the victim of foul play by a representative of the Saudi state when trapped inside a cavern of wonders, though insists the perpetrator was acting as a ‘rogue element’ within the government.

The Saudi Foreign Minister, who had previously called the story a ‘myth’, now says the incident was a ‘mistake’ and that the government only wanted to protect the cave from looting, though the Minister for Mysticism and Caves, Jafar, had taken it upon himself to ignore protocol and trap Aladdin within the grotto, leading to the releasing of a 3,000 year-old genie and enchanted carpet.  However, Turkish mystics say the act was definitely sponsored by the Saudi state and that they have evidence of complicity in the form of a magic ring held by the agent, which acted as a tracking device.

Street urchin Aladdin was well known in the region for his criticisms of the Saudi regime, often calling for a ‘whole new world’, and was often described as being always ‘one jump ahead’ of the law.  The Crown Prince has now expressed his determination to investigate and severely punish anyone from the Ottoman Empire still alive who is guilty of this crime.

The Government had recently reported that the young victim had indeed arranged to meet with 11 government sorcerers seen arriving shortly beforehand, who had promised to give him a guided tour of the historic cave, though he had become trapped after a fight broke out with the genie who dwelt within.

Middle East watchers and small children have also pointed out that the Saudi story is different every time it’s told, and that the incident variously occurred in China, and had involved a different number of genies, while Saudi claims that Aladdin was one of a ring of forty other criminals were met with a chorus of ‘oh no he wasn’t’.

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