Man stuns friends by watching gig with eyes not phone


A man has come in for much ridicule and good-natured ribbing from his mates after suggesting watching live gigs is better if done with the naked eye instead of on a tiny smartphone screen.

Gareth Ryan said: ‘I was at the O2 peering at Coldplay on my phone just like the thousands of others when the battery suddenly died. At first I hadn’t a clue what to do but just out of sheer confusion I started looking directly towards the stage. And wow! It was absolutely incredible.’

‘Suddenly I felt that I was actually right there experiencing the show first-hand. Almost as if I was in the audience. I know that sounds crazy but believe me I really did. I had somehow become part of the gig.’

‘It was just a true visceral experience that simply blew me away and I’m certainly going to leave my phone in my pocket when I see Metallica next month.’

However Gareth’s friend Tim wasn’t convinced, he told us: ‘Look, Gaz says that he enjoyed watching the band without using his phone but he’s gotta ask himself this. How’s he going to relive the experience of Chris’s piano being lifted high above the stage during Yellow? Because he won’t have his own really crappy quality video with horribly distorted sound to remind him of it.’

‘What’s that? He can buy the official tour DVD with perfect sound and HD picture quality when it comes out next year? I don’t think so, that’s hardly the same thing at all really.’

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