Prince Charles criticised for carrying large knife during Queen’s speech


A knife-crime victim support charity has condemned Prince Charles behaviour after the future monarch was seen brandishing a large ceremonial sword during the Queen’s televised speech to the nation.  On several occasions the Prince was seen to clutch the 3ft weapon by the hilt as if he was about to draw it. On other occasions he fiddled with the scabbard as though it were a toy.

Dozens of people had contacted the charity helpline earlier in the day to say they had spotted a ridiculous looking man in fancy dress armed with a large knife following the Queen into the Houses of Parliament.  But after a few routine inquiries the ridiculous looking man in the fancy dress carrying the large knife was identified as our future king.

The Prince is to be commended for wanting to protect his elderly mother….but that sort of thing should be left to officers armed with Glocks and tasers.  If he wants to disarm someone attempting to kill his mother then just tell them how much a packet of his Duchy Originals costs in Waitrose and they will be completely struck numb with shock.

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