Brexit ravaged England tells Irish – ‘Troubles? Troubles? I’ll tell you about Troubles’


Northern Ireland’s politicians hit out over mainland’s bitter Brexit squabbling. They are becoming uncomfortable with the levels of vitriol being exchanged between what are traditionally seen as the more moderate and circumspect parties on the mainland.

DUP member Sammy Nelson said: ‘See like, since this oul Brexit carry-on came til the fore Westminster politics has got unpleasantly factional in its cross-party exchanges. This has been fuelled by blind hatred, unpleasant latent racism and insidious bigotry exposed by the referendum result.’

And Sinn Féin Councillor Sean O’Dea, normally Sammy’s sworn enemy completely agrees. ‘Nar, Sammy’s hit the nail right on the head there, so he has.’

‘For decades Northern Ireland has led the way in pointless ill-tempered opposition purely for opposition’s sake. We can’t agree on nathin’ at all so we can’t, even if we actually do agree on it. Our entrenched positions don’t allow us to, because it just wudden go down well with our core supporters, so it wudden.’

‘Northern Ireland politics wrote the book when it comes to vile hate-filled rhetoric,’ adds Sammy, ‘but what we are finding now with eejits like Farage, thon shitehawk Cummings, and yer man Captain Mainwairing – Mark Francois – is that our hatred for one another here in the province is being marginalised.

‘Hear hear, Sammy,’ says Sean. ‘Exactly! Them ‘uns in London is just making us look honourable and decent, so they are. Here, fancy a pint, mate?’

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