Boris to avoid second referendum by banning divorce


Under the new proposed law, all UK contracts and decisions made on or after 23rd June 2016 are legally binding for life and cannot be changed under any circumstances. The bill which has been nick named the, You have made your bed, now lie in it, bill is due for its first reading on Saturday.

While many in the business community have welcomed the news and are now looking forward to enforcing Hire Purchase agreements previously cancelled under the 14 day cooling off period, Citizens Advice has warned that this new law also invalidates any divorce proceedings that have occurred since June 2016. As far as the state are concerned, the couples involved are still married and that wives and husbands will be expected to return to the marital home and to carry on fighting, arguing and cheating on each other as previously.

Defending the bill, Stephen Barclay, insisted that at the time any couple gets married, they are fully aware of what they are doing and have all the facts they need to make an informed decision, they just need to suck it up and get on with it – meanwhile his wife, Karen, has applied for an Irish passport.

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