Man receives warning after driving whilst texting


A 34-year-old sales consultant from Mitcham, Surrey was today officially cautioned by senior Vodafone network staff after being seen driving whilst using his mobile phone.

The man was seen ‘texting erratically’ on his smartphone by a member of the public, who suspected him of using his car at the same time.  ‘You could just tell he wasn’t completely focused on his messaging’, said an angry Leanne Fawley, 28.  ‘When I saw his hands make those tell-tale movements on the steering wheel, I immediately knew he was putting God-knows-what at risk by using his bloody car.’  She called the emergency services straight away, and Vodafone were quickly on the scene to question the driver.

‘It’s impossible to overestimate the dangers of fiddling around with your car while at the same time carrying out a task that requires total concentration,’ said Vodafone’s Chief Safety Officer Richard Tyler.  ‘Anything could happen.  Your mind is fixed on your message when a child suddenly runs into the road.  Your attention’s diverted and bang – you’ve miskeyed.  Or you’re about to press send on an important business text when you run over a cyclist and send an inappropriate emoji instead.’

According to Tyler, the main problem is people thinking they’re competent smartphone users and can multi-task.  ‘It’s a myth. You need to keep your eyes on the phone at all times.  What we need is a public information campaign on the dangers of driving whilst texting.  The more hard-hitting the better.  Stomach-churning typos, life-changing grammar mistakes; the works.’

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