New Grand Designs series to be punters building debtors prison for Kevin McCloud


Channel 4 have announced that they will cash in on the publicity surrounding the liquidation of the property companies founded by Kevin McCloud, by launching a new series, where all the 280 small investors who lost their money on his £2.4m ‘mini-bonds’ build a hideous and over budget prison to keep him in.

Provisionally entitled “I lost ten Grand on your stupid Designs”, the show will open with Kevin emerging from the administrator’s offices, to be confronted by a mob brandishing plans for a 4 storey mock tudor jailhouse made out of precast concrete, bamboo and perspex.

However, by the halfway stage money is running out and some of the promised special features will have to be scrapped – just like with Mr McCloud’s own developments. Kevin insists that it’ll all work out, to which the punters turn and collectively raise their eyebrows to camera.

Finally, though, the prison is completed and the show closes on the happy sight of Mr McCloud in the stocks while investors and previous participants on Grand Designs drink white wine and throw architecture awards and copies of “Project Management for Dummies” at him.

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