Caravan Names Mainly Nonsense Confirms British Caravan Naming Committee


A spokesman for the British Caravan Naming Committee has revealed the process by which newly produced caravans are named. He confided :When we name a caravan we have three hats on the table. One is full of scraps of paper with vaguely powerful sounding names (senator, ambassador, governor), one is full of names faintly to do with holidays or travel (seashell, California, windbreak) and one has random words in (troubadour, margarine, ennui).’

‘Sometimes we use a French word to add glamour. We just pick two names out of our hats. The basic build of all caravans is the essentially same and the main difference is if the curtains are brown, blue or green. We can’t name them appropriately and mention their actual features, because no-one would buy the ponderously slow small bog or the traffic causing cramped kitchenette.
My wife and I go on holiday several times a year in the Imperial Aubergine and while we travel we like to look out for other caravans such as the Statesman Wave, Diplomat Crab or Consul Vacances.’

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