Actress was warned about joining cast of leading UK soap opera

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A jobbing US actor has admitted for the first time how friends and relatives had advised her against joining the cast of the UK’s leading soap opera.
Those close to the actor had warned about the constant media pressure, the 24 hour scrutiny and the corrosive effect of British tabloid journalism.
‘Windy Castle’, which has been running for over 1200 years – narrowly beating ITV’s Coronation Street – is the UK’s longest running soap opera and boasts millions of adoring fans around the world. The actor who recently spoke about how life has changed since joining the cast was recently forced to appear in Tatler, Cosmopolitan, Town and Country, Posh Magazine, Bazaar, Prime Living, Better Homes, Time Magazine, ITV documentaries, tours of Africa and countless other high profile publications – asking for less media attention.

‘I don’t think she realised how popular Windy Castle is in the UK’ said Time’s Jared West ‘it’s totally insane over there…they even use the theme tune as their national anthem….that’s how insane it is’
Windy Castle has covered a whole range of topics down the years, from dissolution of the monasteries to colonialism, from abdication to single handedly winning two world wars, from alleged murder conspiracies, to recurring themes like cover-ups and paedophilia. ‘But we’ve never had one of the stars say they would still like to be part of the soap but don’t actually want appear in it…..that one is definitely going to test the script writers. That will be a real plot twist worth seeing’.

‘I think the strain of being one of the highest paid soap stars in the world is starting to tell’ confided a close friend on CNN ‘she was doing fine before, appearing in budget US soaps…landing the occasional film role…..then BANG….she was signed up to play one of the Princesses in Windy Castle. I don’t think being in Suits for seven years ever really prepared her for that’. Quite how this will all work out in the long run is difficult to tell.
‘I guess they could write the Princess out of Windy Castle altogether…..after all, it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened’.

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