Man misses end-of-the-world after failing to put it in his diary

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Oh boll**ks’ said Henry Grimshaw of Wetherby Avenue, Chester, after he realised he had been ‘busy with other things’ and had ‘completely missed it’.

‘I normally write everything down in my diary because I’ve reached the stage in my life where I can often forget things like doctor’s appointments or relatives’ birthdays if I don’t. And now, I think I can remember a man calling at my front door several months ago, telling me all about it. I think what must happened is that Countdown was about to start so I didn’t prolong the conversation by asking him for details, didn’t get around to putting any kind of reminder in my diary and not long afterwards, forgot all about it.’

‘But it all came back to me this morning when I went out to get the milk in, and it wasn’t there. Well there wasn’t anything there, at all. The entire world had vanished. And when I turned around to go back in, I found that my house had also completely disappeared. I wasn’t sure what to so – hey, are you listening to me, or not? Hello! Hello? … Er, is there anyone there?’

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