Queen to be replaced by Charles and William ‘coalition’

Will be known as the House of WilCha, innit.

In the biggest royal shake-up since the abdication of Edward VIII, the Prince of Wales has agreed to share power with his son Prince William when he finally takes the throne.

With the once mildly popular monarch deemed by critics to have ‘overstayed her welcome’ the leadership duo will usher in a new royal era commentators are already calling ‘The Big Monarchy’. It is hoped that by pairing the mature, more conservative heir apparent with a younger, more liberal figure, the Charles/William coalition hopes to win back public support for the royal family.

The BBC’s royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, believes there is precedent for such a move. ‘Buckingham Palace insiders have cited the Glorious Revolution of 1685 when William and Mary of Orange ruled jointly. It was an ideal combination as Mary provided the stability required of the monarchy whilst the more reckless William went out drinking with the Irish until everything got horribly out of hand.’

At a press photo opportunity yesterday, the influence and experience of Prince Charles was evident when the Prince of Wales nodded towards an attractive blonde reporter and appeared to mutter to his son ‘that one looks fitter than your Kate’.

By dispensing with the traditional birth-right route to the throne the Charles/William coalition already faces its first challenge from competing Windsor brothers Andrew and Edward. The more experienced Andrew, Duke of York was early favourite to lead this opposition. But in a surprise last-minute move, younger brother Ed received the backing of Equity members, and will now take the helm. Any challenge from Prince William’s younger brother, Harry, looks certain to fail as red heads have been banned from ascending the throne since the Queen panicked after Andrew’s marriage to Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

Sources close to the new royal coalition have suggested that they may be taking up the reigns of power sooner than was originally envisaged. An announcement is expected just as soon as Charles gets back from a trip to ‘a nice health farm’ in Switzerland that he has arranged for his mother.

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