College Green broadcasters told ‘sound-proof TV studio still a futuristic dream’

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After wrestling with the difficult, and many say, exceptionally irritating problem of having protesters constantly roaring at the top of their voice and interrupting live news broadcasts from Parliament Square, one production executive after coming up with what he was sure was a plausible work around has now had his hopes dashed.

BBC Outside Broadcast Producer, Chris Alston, had suggested that perhaps corespondents might fare better if they simply broadcast their pieces from an indoor soundproof studio. If viewers had trouble in visualising the actual location regarding the item, this could be easily handled by captioning the on-screen image; for example – Naga Munchetty reporting live from Westminster – and by adding an illustrative photo with green screen.

However the corporation’s top brass has made it known that such technology is decades away, and will probably never be possible in our lifetime. Director General, Tony Hall, said; ‘Look, it’s an idea of sorts, but it’s up there with time travel and flying cars to Mars. Obviously it would be wonderful to be able to hear what interviewees are saying but….’ Unfortunately the rest of Hall’s interview was drowned about by nearby protesters shouting “Stop Brexit!”

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