John Bercow rules out meaningful comma in his sentences

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Speaker John Bercow ruled out the possibility of introducing some commas and other natural breaks in his sentences today, paving the way for the possibility of a long extension to some already lengthy and verbose statements.

‘Repetitive and disorderly…would be one way of describing my prose if my honourable friend from Bassetlaw would cede as he has on numerous times and without wanting to remind him of the intervention he made in 2013 wherewith he gave assurances as he has every right to do and so does every honourable member in this house’, started Bercow, before starting to turn a deeper scarlet colour than usual and grasping search for a break in his delivery.

‘I must remind my honourable friends and I make no apology in doing so that Erskine May is very clear on this point as am I having consulted closely over recent days and without prejudice to the outcomes of the discussions which are good and proper and which the House will have heard as indeed I have’, stated the speaker before continuing to add further predicates to the sentence.

The Speaker was expected to move to introduce a number of further subordinate clauses and conjunctions to his sentence over the coming days, with relief only likely to come when the provisions of the EU Working Time directive force him to take a break some time on Friday.

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