North Korea threatens Japan with long-range emperors

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North Korea has declared the recent enthroning of Japanese emperor Naruhito and his wife an ‘act of aggression’, and has threatened to fire its own nuclear-armed offensive emperors into Japan in retaliation.

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako were unveiled on their respective thrones this week in an elaborate ceremony held in Tokyo. However, North Korea claims this is a breech of North Korea/Japan relations and has resumed testing of short and long-range emperors and emperor-enabled projectiles, some of which are said to have the capability to launch an emperor into Japanese territory and beyond. The statement comes after the rogue state fired several short-range ballistic monarchs from its South Hwanghae province into the sea.

The monarchs were though to be North Korean volunteers who where inaugurated into largely ceremonial monarchical roles before being ceremoniously fired by Jong-un himself 600km into the Sea of Japan on the back of KN-17 ballistic missiles built into their imperial robes, while others have been exploded underground in a series of nuclear tests of ever-increasing scale. The North Korean news service announced: ‘our nation’s ability to propagate supreme heirs and fire them at a random target at a time and place of their choosing is now beyond all doubt’

The tests have been viewed as a threat to future talks between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, who last year, over the course of six days, successfully negotiated a tentative breakfast menu for any future talks, subject to unilateral withdrawal.

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