Literally any dealings with financial services now subject to compensation

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Struggling to drum up business now the PPI deadline has passed, firms such as The Claims Guys are now insisting that literally any dealings with the financial services industry could give rise to a claim for compensation.

“Even if you just went into a high street bank,” runs their new daytime TV ad, “did you have to waste your valuable time queueing? When you got to the front, was the cashier wearing an irritating novelty tie? Or if it was a pretty girl, did she fail to return your smile, leaving you a bit deflated and feeling like you’d never meet anyone?”

“Alternatively, if you tried online banking, was it annoying trying to find where you’d written down that damn password, or remember if it was the same one you always use but with one letter changed to a number?”

At the same time, The Claims Guys launched a new business2business service aimed at the financial sector.

“Have you been targeted by frivolous compensation claims lodged by workshy tossers, encouraged by pseudo-legal shysters with a large ad budget to think it would be easy money? You could be eligible for compensation.”

“And remember, at The Claims Guys we keep your costs down, since it’s probably ourselves we’ll be claiming from.”

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