Corbyn promises to lower the voting age to 18 months


Last of the Summer Wine stuntman, Jeremy Corbyn, has today promised to lower the voting age to 18 months, following calls from groups of young people who feel that the older generation is just ignoring the future of the planet.

‘It’s only fair that the younger people in our society get to make decisions about what is going to have a major effect on their lives,’ said a Labour spokesman. ‘Toddlers are just as politically knowledgeable as 18 year olds, and would develop voting habits which would allow them to make decisions about their futures, should they have one.’

Some party insiders, however, have claimed this could backfire, as Peppa Pig is still much more popular amongst the under-threes than Mr Corbyn. Said one: ‘If we wanted hairless, toothless, incontinents to vote, we’d extend the vote to members of the House of Lords.’

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