Man who has never voted livid at the prospect of 16-year-olds getting a vote

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A man who has never voted in his life is said to be absolutely livid at the prospect of allowing 16-year-olds to vote.

Tony David told of his outrage by stating that in no way shape or form should anyone under the age of 18 be allowed to have a say in how this great country is run.

‘Admittedly,’ said Tony, ‘I’ve never taken myself down to a polling station on Election Day because I personally wouldn’t put a cross next to any scumbag politicians name, but as a 38-year-old man it is my right to abstain and just because I don’t vote doesn’t mean I can’t talk about politics.’

‘Sure, at 16 you take your exams, you can have sex, get married, you can even join the army and if you handed me a petition to sign to allow them to drink alcohol at 16 I’d sign it, but let them vote at 16. No, that’s far too young to be making serious and informed decisions about who and how this country should be run.’

Tony concluded, saying: ‘Voting should be left to the grown-ups.’

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