Journalist genuinely interested in politicians’ answers to shout-out questions

Press pack

A hack standing outside Downing Street 24/7 in the pissing rain is genuinely interested in politicans’ answers to the deliberately confrontational questions he shouts out at them, and is definitely not just trying to goad them or impress the general public, it has been confirmed.

‘I can’t understand why they just walk on, head down, or pretend to be talking to one of their aides as they stride past us, its so bloody obvious what they are doing’, lamented Mike McBride, one of the press corps camped outside Number 10.

‘I actually do want to know if the PM plans to going to die in a ditch now, or whether Jeremy Corbyn is in the pocket of some union paymasters, and I’m definitely not just shouting it out to sound clever, virtue signal or prove to my boss that I am still actually here’, continued McBride.

Mcbride is planning to change up his cat calls even more in an attempt to force politicians’ hands this weekend, with ‘Don’t you think those red running shorts are just a bit too tight, Mr Gove?’, ‘What’s the square root of 225, Minister?’, ‘Can you believe its’ not butter, Prime Minister?’ and ‘Are you actually a tw*t, Mr Cummings?’, top of his list of questions.

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