Lib Dems struggle to find established religion hatred to not root out


Jo Swinson has complained that the Conservatives and Labour have ‘land grabbed’ the Middle Eastern religious bigotry to not root out. ‘Islamaphobics are gravitating to the Conservatives thanks to their inability to purge Islamaphobia from the party, and anti-Zionists are signing up to Labour in their droves because there’s no evidence anti-Zionism is being addressed in any meaningful way,’ she said today.

‘We’re really struggling to think of a mainstream religion originating in the Middle East to be accused of harbouring negative sentiments about and not sorting them out. Consequently we haven’t got hoards of people who hate the mainstream religion that we can’t think of signing up because we can’t purge the vile hatred about. Christ, there must be at least one other,’ she added.


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Posted: Nov 17th, 2019 by

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