Channel 4 executives begin training in asking for scraps with fish and chips


Senior London-based staff at Channel 4 who will be relocating to Leeds have started an intensive cultural orientation programme with a trip to Brett’s fish restaurant in Headingley, it has been confirmed. Undertaking a range of tasks including ordering fish in a bap with no chips whatsoever and asking for scraps with your meal, the team were then encouraged to answer questions from incredulous locals about how much various food items and a pint of beer cost in the capital city.

‘Pouring the waste bits of beef fat batter from the deep frying process over your freshly prepared fish and chips is a tradition dating back to the 16th century up here apparantly, said Mike Legrand, head of communications at Channel 4. ‘That and hating Man Utd. We are the Man U haters, did you know?.

Over the coming weeks, the team will be gradually introduced to bitters and lagers with a decent head on them and will be provided with a range of basic conversational responses that they can use on the bus when people express a genuine interest in talking to them.

The executives will then move on to more advanced integration strategies, culminating in being retrained to recognise the benefits of the six-tackle code of rugby league and hollering ‘Get ‘em onside ref!’ in a convincing Hunslet accent.

‘God’s own country this, lad’, reported Toby de la Courte, Channel 4’s Programme development lead, sat in the tap room of the Adelphi at the end of his first week of training. ‘Happen the hotel has been good too although I had to shout ‘Hands on socks, off cocks’ to Mitch who I was rooming with this morning. He needs to have a word with him sen’.

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