Royal subjects take strain, as Kate takes their train


Fellow passengers on the 3.20 from Norwich to London were delighted today when they were joined by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge as she travelled up from her Norfolk home to meet some ex school friends for a few beers and a curry.

Making her way through the busy station, almost like a normal person, Kate was accompanied by just a handful of body guards, a dozen or so armed special branch officers and the third battalion of the Scots Guards.

With delighted onlookers allowed to get within 500 yards of the Duchess, mobile phones were flashing as passengers already on the train were disembarked to make room for the royal entourage.

One delighted royal watcher said, ‘It’s fantastic that Kate has taken all this talk about carbon footprints and private jets to heart and that she is willing to share the same air as us commoners and take the train.
Obviously it’s a bit inconvenient to have been taken off the train to make way for her hat boxes and I am going to miss my Mother’s funeral now, but it’s a small price to pay to be of service to her royal highness.’

‘Having Kate on my train made my day.’ said Edward Buckles, a ticket collector for 30 years.

‘Seeing her sitting there, no airs and graces,feet up on the seats and knocking back a can of Stella was priceless.

‘I did pluck up the courage to ask to see her ticket but some chap in dark glasses threatened to shoot me if I didn’t back off, it was wonderful; the wife will never believe it.’

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