Met Office promises ‘gloomiest sky for 70 years’


Meteorologists were today said to be ‘cautiously optimistic’ that the skies over much of Britain would tonight be the gloomiest in living memory.  ‘You might think a grey sky is a grey sky is a grey sky,’ said weather watcher Ron Webster.  ‘But I assure you there are grey skies and there are grey skies.  Tonight will be a real eye opener, not that that will make a lot of difference.’

Called a ‘Supergloom’, the phenomenon occurs whenever there’s something worth seeing in the night skies over England.  ‘A good view of the ISS, a meteor shower, a comet, some planets in alignment.  You can guarantee that if there’s anything remotely interesting happening above our heads, atmospheric conditions will combine to create this impenetrable blanket of murk.’

Sure enough, tonight’s sky-full of dull coincides with a full moon that would have appeared slightly larger and brighter than usual, had anyone not in an aircraft been able to see it.  (Keen photographers wishing to record the spectacle have been advised to download a shot of any full moon and ‘blow it up a bit’.)

But for fans of the overcast like Ron Webster, tonight’s damp, dismal and funereal sky will be something to behold.  ‘I’m literally over the moon,’ he said, ‘and any other celestial phenomena.’

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