Woman on benefits welcomes Boris cash giveaway


Boris Johnson’s claim today that a new Tory Governments first act would be to slash National insurance contributions for all tax payers, was greeted with unbridled joy today as basic rate tax payers realised that this would mean at least an extra £1.63 per week in their pay packet.

Janice Long,a mother of three from Halifax, was fighting back the tears as she explained the huge difference this would mean to herself, her family and their dog Dominic.

Speaking to BBC North, Janice explained ‘our Jack worked it out and that’s practically £7.08 per month.

‘We are all so excited, the kids were shouting, “what you going to spend it on Mum? Can we go to Disney Land? Can we buy a car? Can we put it in the meter and have the fire on for half an hour?”

‘We are just not used to having such a massive sum in one big chunk, it’s like free money.’ said Janice.

The Prime Minister later explained that this was ‘just the start of lower national Insurance contributions which we intend to reduce for everybody year on year, as we gradually sell off the NHS.

‘We believe that voters now understand that it is only the Conservative party that will allow all wage earners. and in particular the higher earners. to keep more of what they earn whilst we provide little or no public services.

‘It is only the Conservatives that will allow the public to decide what to spend their hard earned cash on, be it a holiday in the Maldives, BUPA Health Insurance or the bus fare to the food bank.’

He also confirmed that there would be no increase in taxation on private healthcare provided to the few, not the many, by employers and that this will still be allowable against Corporation tax.  Janice said she was ‘wetting herself’ with glee.


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