Frozen 2 pulled by cinemas after snowball fights break out in car park


Police were called to reports of two young girls, Queen Elsa, her younger sister Princess Anna, Prince Agnarr and Olaf the snowman engaging in a battle with the elemental spirits of earth, fire, water, and air.

Witnesses said, “The spirits disappeared and a wall of mist encased everyone”

Snowcase has also dropped the movie from cinemas where it was screening.

After the film was pulled, its writer and director, urged people to ‘Let it go!’, saying the disturbance was “truly unfortunate” and they hoped it was not an “indictment” of the film.

“Frozen 2 is not a film about violence, it’s about making huge amounts of money for a large corporation from merchandise.”

All those involved in the fight were sent straight to ‘the cooler’. An unrepentant Queen Elsa commented. “It was time to see what I can do. To test the limits and break through. No right, no wrong, no rules for me”, adding’ “The cold never bothered me anyway!.”

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