Andrew Neil interrupts coitus interruptus


So used to interrupting interviewees at the slightest opportunity, the veteran broadcaster has found his personal life riddled with unwelcome intrusions; impeding meals, cutting-short bowel movements and breaking his wife’s sleep with a grilling on NATO funding. The ultimate humiliation came when he broke-up the rhythm of his withdrawal method, causing a pregnancy scare and a pile up on junction 7 of the M25.

So bad have the interruptions become, that Mr. Neil is unable to complete even the most mundane task without demanding a ten-point tax plan and a solution to Labour’s antisemitism crisis. Neighbours attest to seeing him ‘put out the bins’, while screaming questions about inflation rates and the cost of Scottish Independence.

Mr. Neil has the interview style of hiccups, interjecting when you least expect it and accompanied by a sense of alarm.  Like hiccups, you are unsure how long Mr. Neil will interrupt for, whether a shock will get rid of him or if waterboarding him upside down is really a ‘cure’?

His postman is regularly heckled about  tensions in Iran, privatizing the NHS and his tardy Amazon deliveries. Mr. Neil attempted to explain his position, but was rudely interrupted by himself.

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