NHS replacement will offer Nectar points


A consortium of private health providers both here and in the USA have drawn up a list of handy hints and tip to help the general public prior to the Government scrapping the NHS.

1) Insurance, the majority of our patients will have insurance but we are more than willing to accept cash and lottery winners are especially welcomed.
2) Regarding insurance, age restrictions will apply and pre existing conditions will not be covered, these will be treated on a cash basis, all fees payable in advance.
3) Please do not ask for credit as you will only embarrass yourself
4) Anaesthetic on a budget, contrary to popular belief, surgeons carrying out private operations are more than happy to proceed with everything from a hip replacement to major heart surgery without the use of an anaesthetic.
5) Whilst the screaming can be a little off putting for the medical staff, remember, you are paying for it, you’re in charge, and it’s your decision what you spend your money on. In some circumstances, it may be necessary for the doctor to insist that the patient bite down on a piece of leather or wood, but the additional cost will be fully explained beforehand.
6) Who will perform the surgery is a question many private patients ask and here again, you are in charge, and you make the decision.
7) Just like in the field of hairdressing, some people are willing to pay the highest price for a fully trained, fully experienced stylist, whilst other people on a smaller budget, will opt for a trainee.
8) You can pick from a fully costed list of Consultants, experienced surgeons or if you are on a tight budget, one of our highly enthusiastic first year students.
9) Always remember the golden rule, no payment, no treatment.
10) Death comes to all of us. Just sooner for some.

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