Nice new developments destroying concrete jungle faster than ever, say campaigners

you can't stop progress

Urban environmentalists have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the increased detarmacation of the world’s concrete jungles. The mass ‘soiling’ of the world’s towns and cities is the direct result of ruthless green campaigners’ demands that buildings and pathways are ripped up and replaced by trees, plants, and other foliage.

Sue Taylor, spokesperson for the urban campaigners Greypiece, put the size of the problem into context.’Every day, detarmacation clears concrete jungles the size of Wales. Sometimes it is Wales.’

The dedevelopment of cities and towns is having a huge impact on the Amazon. The internet store’s UK head office is based in Britain’s largest concrete jungle, Slough. One of the endangered species that works there told of the effect on her life. ‘I used to be able to take the car to work with no fear. However the company’s green policy saw 15 parking spaces callously dug up and replaced with bushes. I now have to run the risk of a 5 minute walk where anything could happen.’ One local doctor has warned the danger of getting fit has endangered the indigenous obese population.

Supporters hope that the campaign will raise awareness to the problem, and also help mobilise activists to help in the fight against environmentalists. However, the recruitment drive has started a war of words between the two sides. ‘If they are caught damaging flowers, bushes or newly planted trees, they should be punished accordingly,’ the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas warned. ‘Our policy will be to bring back public hanging, and we have the floral baskets ready.’

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