Sometimes you have to thin the herd says Rees Mogg


Having been kept away from the public since his reported comment that Immigrants make excellent kindling, Jacob Rees- Moggs has burst back onto the public stage with his thoughts on Life expectancy in Britain.

Asked about the department for national statistics report that claims that life expectancy in the UK is getting lower and lower year on year since 2010, Rees-Mogg has hit back at critics of the government: ‘What people fail to realise’, said Mogg. ‘Is that we need to differentiate between a long life and a long, useful life. What on earth is the point of keeping these people alive, having to feed and clothe them, when they cannot produce?’

‘No one is more fond of the working class than I am, salt of the earth and all that, and I do admit, that it is very easy to get attached to them, but we have to be pragmatic. Like my farm tractors, the time comes when you have to accept that they are old, knackered and no longer of use. Stock management is essential when it comes to dealing with the masses, our present policy is obviously working, if a little bit too slowly, but those damn lefties keep trying to interfere.’

‘We need to get back to core British values, it’s in the name for god’s sake, The Working class, it’s not the ‘wrinkly old, I haven’t done a day’s work for 20 years, but I’ll eat you out of house and home’ class, is it?’

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