Conor McGregor and Israel Folau to oil up and wrestle at #SPOTY


Two of global sport’s hardest hardmen who like picking on the elderly and gays are to lather up and wrestle at this year’s upcoming BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards.

The contenders are too-scared-to-go-out-by-himself Conor ‘The Gentleman’ McGregor and Israel ‘I didn’t start the fire, the homosexuals did’ Folau, the former Australian rugby union international who has now found God – and not the nice one.

In the yellow corner is McGregor – who rates himself ‘A Proper Twelve’ out of ten in the art of landing the first punch on frail members of the public then hiding behind his minders. McGregor’s signature move is knocking mild old men around in bars who prefer a quiet pint of Guinness than McGregor’s own brand putrid penguin piss that he can’t even give away for free.

In the pink corner is Folau – draw your own conclusions.

BBC producers have ordered a bespoke ring for the wrestle – a huge 600 square foot padded bra – in order to hold sport’s two biggest tits.

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