Venue apologises to hen party guests following NATO summit double booking


Owners of Watford’s prestigious Grove Hotel have apologised to organisers of a hen party after double booking their event with a NATO summit attended by world leaders.  Hotel manager Jason Beesley said the hotel only realised the double booking gaff once world leaders started turning up at the hotel on Sunday morning.

Mr.Beesely said hotel staff had assumed everybody turning up at the hotel were there for the hen party:  ‘They all arrived in stretch limos….which is fairly routine for a hen night.  It seems Cheryl had booked the world leaders in, forgot to mention it and then went off on maternity leave.  Staff were there to greet guests as they arrived……each guest was presented with an inflatable dildo and a bottle of prosecco and it wasn’t until the Lithuanian president complained about the size of his cock shaft that we realised the mistake.’

But most of the world leaders assumed this was how British hoteliers welcomed their guests and accepted the gifts gracefully. ‘Yes….there were some puzzled looks from one or two of the world leaders…..and admittedly we didn’t have time to go round and collect all the handcuffs and nipple clamps we’d left on their pillows….but I think we got away with it’. added Mr.Beesley. ‘We did forget to cancel the male stripper though.

The world leaders came down for a breakfast of bratwurst and tequila slammers. ‘Imagine their surprise when a firemen burst from the wedding cake in the centre of the table and started hosing them down with shaving foam. The Lithuanian guy said their government usually make do with bread rolls and cheese when they have guests round but they would be suggesting some changes to the itinerary once they got home.’

‘We thought it might have caused an international incident…..but no. Apparently all the NATO leaders have booked again for next year. It’s the first time in 70 years they’ve all agreed on something’.’

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