Boris Johnson movie Spaff Me if You Can set for release


A long-awaited remake of the biographical crime thriller Catch Me if you Can immortalising the life and times of serial liar Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, goes on general release today.

The story will follow the cons performed by Johnson throughout a 30 year career all the way through to his time in high office, culminating in a preposterous 2019 heist, in which he seeks to pull the wool over the eyes of the British electorate, whilst avoiding capture by dogged investigative agent Andrew Neil, played by Tom Hanks.

‘Much of the Johnson fraud story is well known’, noted Director Arty McBride today. ‘A sense of entitlement built up from his schooldays at Eton which led him to experiment with some small scale lies out of offices in Wapping and Westminster. It was here that Johnson cut his teeth fabricating quotes in articles whilst at the Times, before lying as an MP about extra-marital affairs, and then repeatedly denying arranging to have an investigative journalist beaten up.’

‘The story then moves on to Johnson’s lying on an industrial scale as a Minister and PM, using some of the oldest confidence tricks in the playbook’, continued McBride. ‘The £350 million Brexit-bus feign. The old cocaine-taking double dodge. The Arcuri pass. ‘And that classic grift on the Queen, using a combination of the old Glim Dropper and the Baltimore Stockbroker to convince her about shutting down parliament. Classic’

‘Some of these cons look innocent enough’, noted McBride. ‘But others, like the Hillsborough victim blame are ones that hardened criminals wouldn’t touch with a bargepole’, noted McBride. ‘This man makes millions of lives a total misery. The real story here is how he has managed to trick so many for so long.’

Spaff me if You Can: The Johnson Story is playing nationwide until at least December 12th

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