Johnson to jump the Thames in a moped


Stunt Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has announced that he will jump the River Thames at Westminster on a moped on Wednesday, in a final attempt to win over the electorate. Critics claim that this is nothing but a smoke and mirrors publicity stunt to distract voters from the real issues. A spokesman for the Labour Party has condemned the stunt and warned that the pressure on the emergency services for this ruse will take away vital care for those in need.

Johnson has claimed this is rubbish and there will be a private medical team of 20,000 new nurses waiting on the opposite bank should they be required.
The Green Party have said the stunt is a good idea for two reasons: firstly, that the moped is an electric powered one, and secondly, that Johnson might die as a result. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, is furious that Johnson has not chosen to jump the Clyde, claiming it’s another disgraceful example of Scotland being forced into second class nation status by a Tory minority.

Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, said ‘I want to stay in Europe’.

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