Doctor Who’s Police Box changes into Goggle Box


We can exclusively reveal that, in the Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special episode, the Doctor will temporarily fix the TARDIS’s chameleon circuit causing the TARDIS to change from a Police Box into a Goggle Box.  In a logical progression from many of the episodes of the most recent series, where the Doctor and her companions are rarely in danger and are merely observing and talking about what happens, there will now be a special viewing area within the TARDIS enabling them to just sit, observe and comment what’s going on outside.  Ryan will of course mention that sitting around watching TV is not good for his dyspraxia, but the Doctor reminds him that she has booked a hospital appointment for him on Thursday in the year 3020 to get it fixed.

Chris Chibnall, the series show runner, explains the reasons they are changing the Police-box into a Goggle-box:  ‘It is partly that, with four leading actors, it is very difficult to give all of them something to do in each episode.  The solution, we realised, was to give all of them nothing to do in each episode except talk.  It seemed so obvious once we’d thought of it and how can our viewers not identify with characters sitting around watching TV. It’s a shame we didn’t think of it before filming for Jodie’s first series started. The crew will now sit in a comfy, circular sofa, which replaces the main console, watching a hologram of what’s happening outside the TARDIS and can now comment on why what is happening in that area of space and time is so awful without any fear of getting into danger or altering the timeline’.

Whilst the success of the Doctor Who format is that it is able to tell stories from anywhere or any-when, the flaw in the format was that the writers had to somehow incorporate the Doctor and companions into the story.  It will be much simpler for the writers to dig out their dream project and get it made for TV now they don’t have to write in the Doctor which, for some episodes, took the writers as much as ten minutes to do.

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