Tories vow to investigate anti-Semitism as long as it’s in Labour


The Conservative Party has vowed to root out bigotry and racism in all its forms, though mainly in Labour. ‘If Jeremy Corbyn won’t investigate anti-Semitism, then we will,’ said a party spokesman, adding, ‘in the Labour Party, of course.’

When asked if the Conservatives were going to apply the same amount of effort into investigating comments made by the Prime Minister about Muslim women looking like letterboxes the spokesman said ‘Boris has been a journalist, they lie for a living, don’t they?’ before considering his statement. ‘Or is that just what Boris does for a living? I’m a bit confused.’

‘Anyway, we were given this money specifically to investigate anti-Semitism. By some Jewboy, probably. They’re very good with money, you know.’

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Posted: Dec 10th, 2019 by

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