Everyone wearing Peaky Blinders Christmas jumpers


Absolutely everyone at work is wearing a sodding Peaky Binders Christmas jumper, it has been confirmed. It’s only 9.10 on the day of your Christmas party at the office, and you’ve already seen six people sporting the ‘Ave a Merry F**kin’ Christmas By Order of the Peaky Blinders’ knitwear with a picture of Thomas Shelby carrying a gun with a Santa hat on.

The whole of the accounts department will be sporting matching jumpers with John Boy Shelby pointing angrily whilst saying ‘Don’t be Peaking under the tree, it has been suggested. Rumours also have it that Diane from HR will be modelling one with a picture of a Christmas list on along with an image of Alfie Solomon bellowing ‘Fill it out. F*ck off’.

‘The wearing of a Christmas jumper is already laced with considerable irony’, noted Pete McBride, Professor of Post-Modern Shite at Bantshire University. ‘Does adding a Peaky Blinder quote and picture add to that irony, or does it make you look a bit of a twat when you are getting the last bus home after your party has finished? Everyone’s a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves’, he added cryptically in a kind-of-Brummie accent.

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