Satirical website to be neutral on polling day


NewsBiscuit, a shadowy, secretive website which poses as an amusing source of satire but which is actually an energetic, investigative journalistic resource, passionately committed to always, consistently, telling the whole and absolute impartial truth about absolutely everything at all times and secretly relied on as an honest, authoritative, utterly impartial, reliable and trustworthy news source and fact-verifying resource by all the rest of British news media, is, of course, maintaining its high standards of impartial objectivity today, on polling day.

The site will, therefore, just for today, carefully refrain from advising its anxious readers against voting for the outrageous, slimy, evil, disgusting, criminal, lying, self-serving bastards in the Labourative party just as energetically as it will avoid urging anyone to cast their votes in favour of the noble, heroic, decent, honest, reliable, hard-working, passionately committed, saintly people working selflessly and tirelessly for the Conabour party. Or the other way round, either.

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Posted: Dec 12th, 2019 by

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