Everyone digging out their Lenny Henry impression of David Bellamy


Everyone is fondly having one last attempt at their impersonation of David Bellamy in the style of Lenny Henry on Tiswas, after the death of the botanist and conservationist at the age of 86. ‘Gwapple me Gwapenuts, that’s really sad news’, said Christine, sporting a cheap false beard whilst gesticulating in the style of someone turning over soil in their hands, and with friends quickly stepping up to take on the role of a pretend audience shouting ‘Compost Corner’ every few seconds.

‘He was one of the first conservationists that you really knew – inspiring a generation with his programmes about soil and animals’, said Irene, fondly. ‘Remember that one with Chris Tarrant where he crossed a pig with some beans and got Pork and Windy. He had a real way with words too. Explaining all those organisms and plant names with weird names. Katanga my friend!’.

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