Johnson shocked to learn that he really has to ‘get Brexit done’


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been shocked to discover that the words he has been uttering for the last month might actually signify something, having hitherto regarded ‘Get Brexit done’ as having the same level of meaning as ‘to be honest with you’, ‘garden bridge’ or ‘planned pregnancy’.

The enormity of what he may have promised, has only started to dawn on him as civil servants keep looking at him, handing him pieces of paper to sign and generally acting like he has some sort of job to do. Unfortunately hiding under his desk for four years is not an option.

A spokesman said: ‘The word ‘done’ has many meanings. When Boris said it, he meant ‘arranged’, like combing his hair or … er, finished or resolved. Just out of sight. The Prime Minister also promises he will ‘repay the voters’ trust’, but please don’t take him literally.’

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Posted: Dec 14th, 2019 by

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