Charities call bullshit on ‘donations instead of Christmas cards’


People telling their colleague and Facebook friends that they are giving money to a charity this year in lieu of sending Christmas cards are ‘talking out of their holes’ say UK Charities.  Yet in the last week Facebook feeds and work emails have been inundated with posts harping on about how Christmas cards are not being sent, but a proportionate sum of money is being passed on to a good cause.

Not so say the charities.  ‘It’s absolute horse-shit,’ said Bill Simpson, a spokesman for the UK charities coalition.  ‘These people just can’t be arsed sending cards and they’re pocketing the cash instead of passing it on to some touchy-feely charity they’ve name-checked’.

Simpson said that the trend, rather than being an altruistic scheme, is instead becoming a game of one-upmanship for young middle-class families trying to outdo each other by name-dropping the latest trendy, hipster charity:  ‘We’re seeing shit-all in terms of extra cash, yet if the Facebook statuses were to be believed, every man, woman, and child in Tibet would have three fucking yaks a piece’.

‘Oh and don’t get me started on sponsoring a student to do a ‘charity’ gap year.  That’s just code for a foreign pub crawl’.



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