‘Liberal Democrats Winning Here’ sign embarks on nationwide comedy tour

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An orange and black placard adorned with the hopelessly deluded ‘Liberal Democrats Winning Here’ slogan has announced a 50-date nationwide stand-up tour, after receiving rapturous laughter in smaller gigs at roadsides around the country in the lead up to the 12th December election.

The comedy show will involve the sign simply being placed on the stage for two hours in constituencies where the Lib Dems performed woefully.

‘I seem to have a natural talent for making people laugh as soon as they see me’, said the one foot-high sign’. ‘Its something I noticed back in 2015, and again in 2017, but this election, the reception I got on the Leeds ring road near Farnley was unbelievable.’

‘People were literally creased up laughing, repeating my ‘Winning Here’ catchphrase from inside their cars in a sort of ironic way, like that jazz guy who says ‘Nice’ off The Fast Show’, continued the sign. ‘Someone told me that there are millions of these ‘Winning Here’ signs around’, said a comedy agent today, indicating he was looking to promote more of them on the circuit. ‘This is such a rich seam. All we need to do is avoid the eleven places where the Lib Dems actually won a seat.’

Comedy panel shows ideas for the signs are already in early stages of development, including ‘9 out 10 voters’, and ‘Mock the electorate’

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