Uncertainty in UK Labour market post-Brexit hits Christmas dinner trimmings


The recent uncertainty regarding EU workers in Britain and their rights in a post-Brexit work landscape has lead to dwindling numbers of foreign casual workers.

This now looks set to have hit our festive boards tomorrow with many meat producers saying labour shortages have affected many of our favourite dinner trimmings.

But no tasty treat is likely to be hit harder than the nation’s much-loved pigs in blankets.

Alistair McKinley who runs a food production plant said: ‘It’s a manual operation, almost impossible to mechanise and quite frankly British people think it’s way below them to do the work. They’d rather leave production to seasonal labour yet at the same time vote for Brexit and embrace the idea that all foreigners should be “sent back to where they came from.”

One such moron, Barry Pillock, a Leave voter and who just wants to “get Brexit done” commented: ‘Well I think we should crash out of the EU and start trading on WTO terms. Just so long as I still have my pigs in blankets and a plucked and prepared oven-ready turkey for the big day I couldn’t care.’

However when the reason for the shortages was was explained to him Mr Pillock said: ‘Well can’t we just get foreigners in to do this kind of low-paid menial work like what we have always done? And by the way, mate, what exactly does WTO terms mean?’

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