Boris to visit luxury-torn area of Caribbean


The Prime-Minister is to visit Mustique to bring comfort to millionaires who have been hit by too much luxury.

Speaking down to a reporter, Mr Johnson explained the reason for his visit: ‘These people have to suffer hearing poor people banging on about being flooded. They’ve nothing to complain about really, I find that if you ignore problems they go away – why don’t they try that?’

‘All the millionaires here are managing to cope, despite the overwhelming luxury that’s being thrown at them, if you’re flooded out you should try being rich – it certainly takes the edge off.’

When asked if the flooding would affect preparations for Brexit, Mr Johnson replied: ‘I’ve worked tirelessly to prepare for Brexit. It’s not been easy choosing a house here, let alone getting staff. But believe me, I’ll be completely ready for B-day.’

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