Everyone still speculating about Prince Philip’s pre-existing medical condition


Everyone is still trying to guess what Prince Philip was in hospital for before Christmas, trying desperately to pick up on any clues in news reports about the royals, it has been confirmed.

‘Got to be gout, hasn’t it?’, speculated Dave McBride from his sofa. ‘The disease of Kings. All that swan and foie gras over Christmas and New Year won’t have helped either’.

‘Or it could be the old Johnny Giles’. continued McBride. ‘I’m sure Nicholas Wichell gave a little wince and pointed downwards when e mentioned Philip in his New Year report on the Queen taking a walk the other day. Sitting around all day venting racist crap all day has got to take it toll on your arse veins eventually, hasn’t it. Annus horriibilus and all that.’

Philips’s hospital stay before Christmas isn’t the first time that he has been ill. The Duke has suffered for many years with chronic foot in mouth, and also underwent a tricky tact and diplomacy removal procedure back in the 1960s.

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