“Just leave it – he ain’t worf it,” says Ayatolllah Khamenei


Although the Supreme Leader of Iran has himself never seen an episode of Middle-Eastenders, he has been informed by his agents in the UK that this is the safest face-saving comment to make when faced with a homicidal maniac. “Calls his-self President but he’s a nutter and a right dangerous one, innit. Course that general ‘ad it coming, ordering deaths in foreign countries and all.”

Meanwhile other sources in Iran said, “Does he do anything for a reason – it’s hard to say, but we think we know what his game is. Starting a war to distract from domestic troubles is one of the oldest tricks in the book and we’re not going to give him that satisfaction. We’ll sit back and watch the Impeachment Show, it’ll make a change from that Weinstein trial.”  Duff Duff Duff Duff Duff.



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Posted: Jan 9th, 2020 by

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