Ken Bruce handover segment enters third day

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A switchover chat between DJs on Radio 2 showed no signs of ending today after stalwart Scot-jock Ken Bruce insisted on having the last word as he passed the mike over to Jeremy Vine.

‘It was a seemingly innocent question, as usual, from Jezza that set things off’, sighed an exasperated producer, carrying provisions of water and energy bars into the studio to give to the exhausted back room team. ‘’Up to anything the rest of the day?’, Jeremy asked, or something like that. Ken fired a couple of salvos back about preparing for the Popmaster quiz tomorrow and unfortunately Jeremy got locked in to the banter. He just couldn’t close the conversation off.’

The dialogue continued through Jeremy Vine’s whole show, with shorter and shorter responses between the two playing over news, weather and three hours of tracks, until the pair were just grunting at each other.

‘Hardened listeners will remember Ken’s six week handover argument with Gary Davies in 1988’, noted the producer. ‘He hasn’t let anyone have the final word since Whispering Bob Harris decked him for ruining the intro of a Fleetwood Mac B-side in 1977. We’ll be lucky if we get out by Easter’.

Emergency measures are thought to be close at hand to resolve the impasse. ‘We’ve called in Steve Wright In The Afternoon’, confirmed the head of Radio 2. ‘With his skill of cutting off songs right in the middle, we’re hoping he can do the same with Ken and Jeremy.’

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