UK Gold releases ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ episode of Only Fools and Horses


Gold have refused to reveal any of the plot-lines of the new episode. However, leaks suggest that viewers may have to choose between whether or not Granddad breaks a chandelier, which could result in Del and Rodney getting chased by an alligator in Florida, before being saved by Boycie who then gets beaten by Del in a game of poker.

Darren Childs, CEO, said: ‘Choose Your Own Adventure episodes seem to be all the rage with young people these days, so it makes sense that we should try and win that section of the television audience with a revolutionary interactive episode of Only Fools and Horses. Sadly, many of the actors in the original series have passed away, while those who have survived were not willing to reprise their old characters, so there is not going to be any new footage. However, we have been able to rearrange some classic clips into this exciting new interactive episode’.

‘At the moment we don’t have the technology to allow viewers to physically select what they want to happen. But each scene will be shown at ten-minute intervals on UK Gold, with viewers simply choosing which scenes they would like to watch, following clear instructions which will be printed in the Radio Times. If the storyline they want to follow isn’t shown right away, they can go and make a cup of tea until it comes on,’ he added.

‘The new episode promises to be the funniest outing yet for Peckham’s favourite ducking-and-diving duo. Netflix may think they’re the future of television with their so-called ‘box sets’ and ‘streaming’. But we’re going to make them look like right plonkers!’

The move by UK Gold continues the TV channel’s long-running rivalry with Netflix, after the American company signed George Clooney and Timothée Chalamet to star in a new, $100 million adaptation of Open All Hours.

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