‘Still considering my options’ reveals homeless man


A man who walks the street by day and sleeps in doorways by night says he is still considering what options are available to him.

Homeless man, Jason Beesley says he is contemplating whether to live in an abandoned car just off the A3 near Guildford or apply for emergency housing. Mr.Beesley is also considering whether to forage for food in the bins along Guildford high street or try his luck in the skips around the back of Morrisons.

‘It’s not like I don’t have various options available to me’ insisted Mr.Beesley. ‘Some people have none so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. It’s in my hands…all I have to do is decide what the next steps in life are going to be. Imagine if you didn’t have any options, nothing to look forward to, no future…that would be terrible’.

The former sales manager says he is even considering a move away from Guildford all together and relocating to Woking. ‘I heard the media pay less attention to people living on the streets in Woking…..I might be homeless and jobless but at least I would have more privacy and easier access to the 24 hour helpline. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not walking away….I’m simply looking for a more peaceful life.

I wanted to do a few hours paid work and still help out my grandma…but Citizens Advice said that was not possible without public funding….so I’ve decided to stand down….

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