‘Super excited’ people must calm down warns health watchdog


People describing themselves as ‘super-excited’ are putting themselves in harms way from increasingly intolerant friends, family members and colleagues.  When Janice Taylor described herself as ‘super-excited’ on several occasions after booking a spa break with friends, her daughter-in-law eventually flipped, and the fifty-year old grandmother found herself being rushed to Staffordshire Royal Infirmary.

‘I could cope with excited, or very excited,’ said Mrs Taylor’s assailant in a police statement, ‘but super-excited was a step too far.’

Following an increase in cases of this kind,  Health Watch UK  is urging people to think carefully before off-loading unnatural levels of excitement to people in their lives.  ‘For their own safety we would advise people to use the words ‘really’, ‘very’ or even ‘pretty’ instead of the adverb ‘super’.’  said a simply sensational spokesperson.

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