BBC reports that Kobe Bryant will continue LeBron James’ legacy

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The BBC denied confusing one African-American basketball legend with another and insisted Kobe Bryant would continue to endorse his Air Jordan shoes. Bryant’s obituary read: ‘No one can underestimate his impact, particularly his years spent as Magic Johnson or starring in Jumanji, as The Rock’.

In recent years the quality of the BBC’s journalism has been questioned, particularly after such 2020 headlines like ‘Norwich will win the Premiership’, ‘Boris Johnson is competent’ and ‘Scoop – Titanic Sinks’. They have specifically been accused of lacking diversity and misrepresenting the BAME community – basically mirroring any of the Beeb’s comedy shows from the 1970s.

One BBC editor defended the errors: ‘Look, some of best friends are black. There’s Justin Trudeau or David Baddiel. They all look the same to me – particularly the ones who are 6ft 6inches.’

The BBC listed Mr. Bryant’s achievements as Driving Miss Daisy, defeating George Foreman and creating the album ‘Thriller’. The editor said: ‘It is a tragedy that Mr. Bryant died so young, but at least he got to marry Beyonce’.

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