Isle of Wight Man ‘will not work with Woody Allen’


Mike Smythe, whose 2003 Widow Twanky for the Ventnor Players was described as ‘definitive’  has announced he will not work with Woody Allen. Smythe, 58, told regulars at the Fisherman’s Arms:

‘I do not care whether this will affect my career or not’, said Smythe. ‘I have noticed that since I made the announcement I have had no work as an extra on TV detective shows, but this may be linked to the fact that the last time I appeared as a waiter in Midsomer Murders in 1988 I spilt a gin and tonic on the woman from the Shake n Vac advert. I thought it brought a little something to the scene but the second unit director who was half my age even then said ‘let’s go again’ and used a younger female actor to bring the drinks and I was told to stand behind the bar with my back facing the camera.’

‘Smythe’s decision to stand shoulder to shoulder with Meryl Streep and Colin Firth has so far remained unremarked upon in Variety, the Hollywood Reporter and the Ryde Gazette. Asked whether he would work with Roman Polanski, Smythe replied ‘If you’re talking about the man who replaced our bathroom suite, I’d have to say no, even though the bidet turned out to be a big job because of the state of the floorboards and he didn’t charge us extra. But work with him, no. I’m in favour of sending them all back after Brexit.’

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